I have always been a gourmande & I was always able to eat everything and anything. I have never had an allergy to anything. However, a few years back, I decided to try avoiding certain things and see whether I felt better in my skin. The reason for this change was to find what works for me. We are all different, our bodies require and want different things because we process things differently and none of us are made equal. For me, it is a modified Paleo lifestyle, in essence, but I would rather not label it. I find that that balance suits me. It leaves me satiated without being uncomfortable, it offers me full nutrition and has eliminated hunger pangs. 

The other reason why I just had to bring this project to life, was that I just have not been able to stay out of the kitchen my entire life. I was also the resident spatula licker in mom’s kitchen. I can remember standing in my mom’s kitchen when my task w312854_10150373393386224_1165956759_n_2as to hold the electric mixer. And ask questions. Question after question. Since having switched to this modified diet, giving up baking was not an option! There was a whole new world, with a whole new set of challenges to conquer!

I have created this website to offer an alternative and healthy nutrition-packed delicacy, being sweet or savoury. The baked goods I am offering are for everyone. Whether you are leading a Paleo lifestyle, a gluten-free lifestyle or are just a gourmande! Anyone can enjoy these treats!

Please remember that this website’s menu is a work in progress, and I will be adding more things later on. I hope to offer you ideas of what you may like that I make for you, no matter the occasion. Just because it is not on the menu, does not mean we can’t make it happen!